Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Final Exam - Caroline Jefferson

Art Criticism Process- Describe the artwork, Analyze artwork, Interpret what you see in the artwork, Evaluate artwork

This is my weaving project I have been working on for the past month. My original plan was to make a Pink Floyd triangle with the rainbow going through it but I thought that would take too much time. I started with grey yarn for the bottom half of the loom and worked my way up to make a blue triangle and then outlined the three blue, red, and purple triangles with black yarn to make them stand out more. Then I used carolina blue yarn next in a wavy pattern and moved onto pink and then yellow. I have not finished yet but I think I am going to the rest of the loom yellow, because yellow is my favorite color. This is my first time weaving so it is not perfect, you can see some green string where I messed up. And during this process I would accidently weave the same way coming back and it would un weave everything I just did. But overall this was the most enjoyable project I worked on in this class, it kept me focused.

What is art? Art is anything you want it to be. It's a way of expressing yourself and showing your creative side through visual paintings, sculpture, sketches, the list goes on and on. Art tells stories and makes points without having to read. Art is truly beautiful and in my opinion the most important subject taught in schools.

What is the point of this class? What did you get out of it? The point of this art class is to teach high schoolers the basic skills, history,
techniques or art. I have learned the most in my art 1 class than I
have in any other class all of my other high school classes. I learned
the history of art and I have learned different techniques and skills
I did not know how to do before I took this class. One specific thing
I learned was print making which I thought was really cool.

Regardless of whether a project was successful or not, describe the one where you learned, grew, or developed the most from?  Please explain. The project I learned and grew as an artist the most from would definitely be the final project, the weaving project. I grew as an artist because I had to learn patients (which I don't have much of). I learned that sometimes you mess up and have to start over and that's okay. I also learned that I really enjoy weaving and I think I found something that I will probably do the rest of my life. For my first time weaving I think it was pretty successful also.


Final Weaving Project - Caroline Jefferson

I chose the weaving project because I love weaving. I started with grey yarn and then went up from their trying to make triangles and started adding colors I thought would look good. I had the problem of weaving the same way and everything coming undone, and its not perfect you can see some green string but over all I like how it turned out. If I could change one thing I would stick to my original plan of doing the Pink Floyd triangle.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Portrait Project - Caroline Jefferson

I did my portrait of Earl Sweatshirt because I love him. I chose to work with charcoal and colored pencils because those are my favorite mediums. I love his skin in my project, I would change his hairline if I could go back.

Painting - Caroline Jefferson

I like my painting but if i could change one thing it would be the colors near the sun.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Print Making

I thought this project was really cool thats why I did it.
My most successful print on the right was the best because the ink looks the best in my opinion.
My least successful print on the left is the worse because the ink looks really bad.
I leaned to carve aways from yourself or you will cut yourself a lot.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Intro to Sculpture- Caroline Jefferson

Displaying IMG_2612.JPG

I chose to do the cardboard project because it looked like the most fun.
I had to overcome the struggle of coming up with a good idea i wanted to do.
I liked my alien in my project but don't really like my moon.

For my mini project i don't have a picture because i gave it to Joe and he threw it away. I enjoyed doing whatever i want and I learned how to use tape well.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Drawing Techniques

This medium is charcoal. The advantage of using charcoal is if you mess up its easy to hide, but a disadavatage is charcoal can get messy.

The medium I used in my shoe drawing is a sharpie marker. The advantage of using sharpie is its fast but the disadvantage is if you mess up its very hard to find and fix.

The medium I used for this drawing is pencil. The advantage with using pencil is you can easiy erase and fix any problems but the disadvantage is pencil can get boring because were used to writing with them everyday.